Simplifying Your Life

In the spirit of transitions, let’s talk about making way for our best self to surface by simplifying our life. Specifically, let’s take on the clutter that surrounds us, be it physical and/or mental.

Physical clutter is the things we have, sometimes lots of it. Mental clutter is more about the things we do. It’s all the stuff we’re juggling in our head, just trying to keep it together. 

Both physical and mental clutter deplete our energy. We feel overwhelmed, chaotic or maybe even unfulfilled. What to do?


When you’re overwhelmed it doesn’t matter where you start. Just start. You just want to get the ball rolling. Pick a place, a room, a drawer – anything. Just start organizing. You’ll need a throw pile, a give-away pile, and a keep in place pile. Start sorting. And commit to deal with the piles when you’re done.

With mental clutter you need to choose an area of your life that needs simplifying. Is it your finances? Your relationships? Your work? Again, choose one area. It might not be so cut and dry as physical stuff. Do you have three or four credit cards and never know how much money you have? How might you streamline your finances so you don’t have to sweat about having too much month at the end of the money? 

Commit to small steps, one after the other, done consistently – not perfectly, consistently. You’ll get there. Enjoy the freed-up space in your mind and your environment that allows you to shine.

by Claudette Pelletier-Hannah (Weight and Wellness Coach and EFT Practitioner)